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We are a group of researchers who are interested in understanding how, where, and why biodiversity is changing now and how it has in the past. We combine different methods from plant microfossils and geochemistry, to sedaDNA and bioinformatics to address questions on biodiversity change, its stability and its response to drivers of change. The TEBLab is involved in a variety of research projects with a strong  biogeographical component and on islands.

The lab group is an open and welcoming environment. We collaborate with many researchers around the world, particularly with colleagues at the The Arctic University of Norway, University of Bayreuth, Universidad de La Laguna, and University of Oxford. We are part of the BABVE Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and of CREAF. We are also part of the Global Ecology Unit (CSIC/CREAF/UAB). 

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