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Dr Sandra Nogué
Team leader

My main interest is studying how plant biodiversity is changing, mainly on island ecosystems. To achieve this, I use microfossil datasets and global synthesis. I am increasingly interested in bioinformatics.  
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Dr Sergi Pla Rabes

My primary research consists of understanding the response of ecosystems and communities to global change. I emphasise understanding the role of time (legacies of the past) and space in shaping their responses to present and past environmental variability and anthropogenic disturbances. To this end, I use long-term paleoecological records from remote “island” locations (oceanic islands, polar, and mountain environments). 


Postdoctoral researcher

Dr Xaali O'Reilly Berkeley

I am an ecological geneticist with a background in metabarcoding eDNA. My experience includes both lab work and tropical field work. I joined the TEB Lab to work on the TIME-LINES project, using sedimentary ancient DNA to study changes in biodiversity on islands over time.


PhD candidate

Elena Baños Lara

My PhD within the TEMPOINVASIONS project investigates the long-term impacts of marine biological invasions across various intertidal anthropogenized sites in Europe. Utilizing sedimentary ancient DNA from sediment cores, my research will focus on detecting introduction times and studying the historical dynamics of invasive species.


Postdoctoral researcher

Dr Erik Jan de Boer

I am a paleoecologist focusing on the interactions between humans, climate, and ecosystems, and have a specific interest in studying the consequences of extinction on islands. Currently my main work concerns the geochemical reconstructions of coastal environments within the TEMPOINVASIONS project. 


PhD candidate

Javier de la Casa Sánchez

I am interested in the changing elemental composition of ecosystems due to the effects of the Anthropocene. Through the lens of biogeochemistry in paleoecological records, we look for unravel natural and anthropogenic impacts; and shed light to the causes and consequences of relevant shifts in the ecosystem elementomes.


Technician and Masters student

Judit Rodrigo Navarro

I am an environmental biologist with experience in aquatic ecology, and I am currently delving deeper into island palaeoecology through both my Master’s thesis and my work as a technician on the TIME-LINES project.

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